Vendors of hard disks used on Huawei servers


Huawei servers use hard disks provided by Seagate and Western Digital. You can query vendors of hard disks at the following website:
Hard disks of the same BOM code may be provided by different vendors. Ports of hard disks from different vendors may vary. However, the variance does not affect hard disk functions. Hard disks of the same BOM code from different vendors can be used together.

Other related questions:
Hard disks on Huawei servers and storage devices
The hard disks on Huawei servers and storage devices cannot be used interchangeably.

Use of DIMMs, CPUs, and hard disks not provided by Huawei
The self-purchased components (such as DIMMs, CPUs, and hard disks) or components removed from other vendors' servers cannot be used in Huawei servers.

Hard disk capacity of servers
For details about the hard disk types and capacities, see the server compatibility list.

Checking server hard disk status
You can use any of the following methods to check hard disk status: 1. Check each hard disk status indicator. 2. Check hard disk status on the iMana WebUI. 3. Check hard disk status in the Configuration Utility of the RAID controller card.

Query hard disk SN of a server
The hard disk serial number (SN) starts from 2102. You can obtain SN information from the SN label on the hard disk case.

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