Whether Huawei servers support independent graphics cards


1. Huawei servers support independent graphics cards.
2. You are advised to install an independent GPU graphics card on the PCIe3.0 x16 slot.
3. To use the GPU, set the GPU on the BIOS to primary.

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Resolution of independent graphics cards used on servers
Third-party vendors supply graphics cards used on Huawei servers. Visit the vendor's website for graphics card resolution details.

Does the SMC2.0 support an independent database?
The SMC2.0 can support an independent database. However, the SMC2.0 needs to be reinstalled. During installation, select an independent database. For details, see the installation guide in the SMC2.0 product documentation of the corresponding version.

Whether Huawei servers support Haswell CPUs
Intel Haswell is the latest CPU architecture provided by Intel, superseding Intel Ivy Bridge and Intel Sandy Bridge architecture. Both Haswell and Ivy Bridge adopt the 22 nm process. Huawei V3 servers, such as RH2288 V3 and RH2288H V3, support Haswell CPUs.

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