Setting watchdog


For example, to set the watchdog on the BIOS of the Romley platform, perform the following steps:
1. Choose Advanced > IPMI BMC Configuration > BMC Configuration.
2. Set BMC WDT Support For POST and BMC WDT Support For OS to Enable or Disable.
After enabling the watchdog, you can set the timeout period and action to be taken upon timeout.

For details about the operations on the BIOS of other platforms, see the related BIOS parameter reference.

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What are DN sets
A dial number (DN) set is also called a dial plan. A DN set contains a set of numbers that are processed together. Only numbers, call prefixes, trunks, and routes that belong to the same DN set are processed. Two users can call each other only when the two users belong to the same DN set. DN sets determine the home of users when associated with country codes and region codes, and determine the dial rules for users when associated with call prefixes. DN sets can be used to divide a physical network into multiple logical networks even in the same device, and are similar to virtual local area networks (VLANs) in a local area network (LAN).

WLAN service set
WLAN service set A wireless network consists of radio profiles and service sets. - A radio profile contains WMM (QoS) profiles. - A service set contains traffic and security profiles, SSIDs, and WLAN-ESS/WLAN-BSS interfaces (wireless air interfaces). Service VLANs must be configured on ACs. - The wireless air interface is the logical interface for APs to connect to a STA. Typically, the wireless air interface is configured to work in hybrid mode.

How to create VLANs in a batch
Run the vlan batch command in the system view to create VLANs in a batch. Create 10 contiguous VLANs: VLAN 11 to VLAN 20. system-view [HUAWEI] vlan batch 11 to 20 Create 10 discontiguous VLANs in a batch: VLAN 10, VLAN 15 to VLAN 19, VLAN 25, VLAN 28 to VLAN 30. system-view [HUAWEI] vlan batch 10 15 to 19 25 28 to 30 NOTE: You can create a maximum of 10 discontiguous VLANs or VLAN range at one time. If there are more than 10 VLANs, run this command multiple times. For example, the vlan batch 10 15 to 19 25 28 to 30 command creates four discontiguous VLAN ranges.

The speed of Internet access through PPPoE dialup is slow
The MTU of the PPPoE dialer interface is 1492 bytes. When the length of Layer 3 packets sent from this interface is larger than the MTU and non-fragmentation is configured, packets cannot be sent out and the Internet access speed is low. You can run the tcp adjust-mss value command on the dialer interface to modify the MSS (Max Segment Size) during TCP negotiation so that the packet length is shorter than the MTU of the dialer interface. Then packets can be properly processed and Internet access is smooth.
For example, change the MSS of the dialer interface to 1200.
<Huawei> system-view
[Huawei] interface dialer 0
[Huawei-Dialer0] tcp adjust-mss 1200

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