Setting power-on password for a server


For example, to set the server power-on password on the Romley BIOS, perform the following steps:
1. On the BIOS, choose Security, and set supervisor password (BIOS password).
2. Set Power on Password to Enabled.
When the server is powered on, you need to enter the power-on password. The power-on password is the same as the BIOS password.

For details about the operations on the BIOS of other platforms, see the related BIOS parameter reference.

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Setting server BIOS password
Set the BIOS password on the BIOS. For details, see "Common Tasks > Setting the BIOS Password" in the BIOS parameter reference. 1. The Romley Platform BIOS Parameter Reference applies to V2 servers. For details, see|9856522|21782478|19955021|19961664. 2. The Brickland Platform BIOS Parameter Reference applies to 4- and 8-socket V3 servers. For details, see|9856522|21782478|21782482|9768163. The Grantley platform BIOS Parameter Reference applies to 2-socket V3 servers. For details, see|9856522|21782478|19955021|21584147.

Setting the server power-on policy
You can use either of the following methods to configure the server power-on policy: ? iMana WebUI: ? iBMC WebUI: In addition, you can also configure the policy in the BIOS. For details, see the BIOS Parameter Reference.

What is the default administrator password for logging in to the TE endpoint user interface (controlled using the remote control)?
The default administrator password of the TE endpoint user interface is 12345678. If you want to cancel the password, log in to the endpoint web interface, choose System Settings > Security > GUI, enter the default password, and leave the new password empty.

Setting the web password for the USG6000
The default user name and password (admin/Admin@123) of a web user are used for login by default. For system security purposes, change the web administrator password immediately after login. system-view [sysname] aaa [sysname-aaa] manager-user admin1 [sysname-aaa-manager-user-admin1] password Enter Password: Confirm Password: [sysname-aaa-manager-user-admin1] service-type web [sysname-aaa-manager-user-admin1] level 3

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