Does VM Management on ServiceCenter Interrupt VM Services


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Does VM management on ServiceCenter interrupt VM services?

The VM data is written to ServiceCenter when ServiceCenter manages VMs, which does not affect the FusionSphere OpenStack VM data. The VM is started up on FusionSphere OpenStack. Therefore, ServiceCenter manages VMs without interrupting VM services.


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When two ServiceCenter VMs are deployed in active/standby mode and both the active and standby ServiceCenter VMs become faulty and cannot be restored by restart, perform the operations provided in this section to rectify faults and quickly restore services. For details,seeBoth the Active and Standby ServiceCenter VMs Faulty, The applicable version is 3.0.8 or 3.0.9.

How Do I Change the Name of a VM on ServiceCenter
【Product�? ManageOne ServiceCenter 【Version�? 2.X 【Question�? How do I change the name of a VM on ServiceCenter? 【Answer�? Step 1 Log in to the ServiceCenter tenant portal. Go to the VMs page, select the VM whose name you want to change, click the arrow to expand its details, click the modification icon next to the VM name, change the VM name, and refresh the VMs page. Step 2 Click the service instance link to access the service instance corresponding to the VM. Click the arrow to expand its details and click the refresh icon next to Resource to synchronize the latest VM name to the service instance. The VM name is changed synchronously on FusionCompute. ----End

A VM Cannot Be Deleted on ServiceCenter Because It Is in Removed Status
【Product�? ServiceCenter 【Version�? 3.0.5 【Fault Type�? Resource management fault 【Symptom�? The VM is in removed status but cannot be deleted. 【Fault Locating�? The VM is in removed status and is added to the recycle bin. You check the Recycle Bin page and find out that the VM is still in the frozen period. 【Root Cause�? If a VM in the recycle bin is in the frozen period, it cannot be deleted. 【Solution�? Step 1 Log in to the ServiceCenter node as user galaxmanager through its floating IP address. Step 2 Run the TMOUT=0 command to disable logout on timeout. Step 3 Run the following command: confDelayTimeSwitch 0 Cancel the frozen period so that the VM can be deleted. ----End

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