How Do I Repeatedly Use the User galaxmanager Password of ServiceCenter That Has Been Used for Last Five Times


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How do I repeatedly use the user galaxmanager password of ServiceCenter that have been used for last five times?

Generally, for security purposes, Huawei products do not allow users to repeatedly use the passwords that have been used for last five times. If you repeatedly use the latest five passwords, the error message "Password has been already used. Choose another." is displayed when you change the password. If you need to repeatedly use one of the five latest passwords, perform the following operations:

Step 1 Modify the /etc/security/opasswd file. Change 5 to 1 and retain only the latest password.
Change the /etc/security/opasswd file from:

Step 2 Change the password to the latest five passwords. If the following information is displayed, the modification is successful:
srvcenter0:/etc/security # passwd galaxmanager
Changing password for galaxmanager.
New password:
Retype new password:
Password changed.
srvcenter0:/etc/security #


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