How Do I Create Private Specifications and Associate Them with VDCs


Public specifications are created on FusionSphere OpenStack OM and are visible to all VDCs. To select private specifications in VDCs, you need to create private specifications on FusionSphere OpenStack and associate them with the VDCs. Private specifications associated with VDCs are visible to only the VDCs.

This section instructs system super administrators to create private specifications and associate them with VDCs.

For details,seeHow Do I Create Private Specifications and Associate Them with VDCs,The applicable version is 3.0.9.

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Creating VDC Interworking
Resources, such as cloud hosts, of different virtual data centers (VDCs) are isolated and cannot communicate with each other. When you need two cloud hosts of different VDCs in the same cloud resource pool to communicate with each other, you can create VDC interworking. After the creation, the cloud hosts of different VDCs can communicate with each other on routed networks. For details,seeCreating VDC Interworking,The applicable version is 3.0.8 or 3.0.9.

Can Specifications of ECSs Created Using a Private Image Differ from Those of ECSs Used to Create the Image?

You can modify hardware specifications as required when using a private image to create an ECS.

Should I Stop the ECS Before Creating a Private Image Using that ECS?

You must stop the ECS when creating a private image using that ECS. If the ECS is running, the ECS memory may buffer data to be read, which may result in data loss in the created image. To prevent this issue, stop the ECS before creating an image.

Configuring RAID card
Manuals: For details about how to configure the RAID card and precautions, see|9856522|21782478|19955021|19961397. Videos: LSI SAS2208 RAID Controller Card Configuration LSI SAS2308 RAID Controller Card Configuration LSI SAS3008 RAID Controller Card Configuration LSI SAS3108 RAID Controller Card Configuration

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