How Can I View Monitoring Details of a Single Cloud Host by Calling an Interface on the Background


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How can I view monitoring details of a single cloud host by calling an interface on the background?

View the monitoring details of a single cloud host.
curl -i -k -X POST '' -H "User-Agent:HttpClient" -H "Content-Type:application/json" -H "Accept:application/json" -H "X-Auth-User-ID:8044e196d6a84e998d71bfbf82426e6d" -H "X-HW-Cloud-Auth-Token: d2NjX2NyeXB0ATQxNDU1MzVGNDM0MjQzOzQ1Mzk0NDQ0MzEzMDQ0MzgzMTMxNDYzMTM4MzUzMTQ0MzQ0MzM1NDU0NjM3MzEzOTM3MzIzNzQyNDQ0NjQ0NDE7OzMxMzAzMDMwO0RBNTg2OEI4NDlGMjI0MkM2MDE3QzREMjJBQkJERDA2OzYwODg5MzBDOTkxN0M0RTE7" -d ' {"timeRange":"week","objectId":"ef1abac3-7f0d-418a-af08-1ffbc144192c","objectType":"vm","metrics":["cpu_usage","mem_usage","pvm_mem_usage","disk_usage","nic_byte_in","pvm_nic_byte_in","nic_byte_out","pvm_nic_byte_out","disk_io_in","disk_io_out","disk_in_ps","disk_out_ps"]}'
The following parameter may vary depending on the site planning:
objectId: Replace this parameter with the desired cloud host ID.


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