How Do I Create a Cloud Hard Disk Backup for a Shared Disk on ServiceCenter


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How do I create a cloud hard disk backup for a shared disk on ServiceCenter?

If a cloud hard disk is a shared disk, backup tasks cannot be created.


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How Do I Create ServiceCenter Cloud Hard Disks over an Interface Called by Running the curl Command
【Product�? ManageOne ServiceCenter 【Version�? 3.X 【Question�? How do I create ServiceCenter cloud hard disks over an interface called by running the curl command? 【Answer�? Example of creating cloud hard disks over an interface: curl -i -k -X POST '' -H "User-Agent:HttpClient" -H "Content-Type:application/json" -H "Accept:application/json" -H "X-Auth-User-ID:3a526aa3134348ba9b8b00613e165eed" -H "X-HW-Cloud-Auth-Token:d2NjX2NyeXB0ATQxNDU1MzVGNDM0MjQzOzM3MzYzMzQ1NDYzMjMxNDY0MjM1MzYzMTQxMzU0MzQ1MzYzMzM0MzczNTQ2NDEzMjM4MzgzNzQ2Mzk0MTMwNDM7OzMxMzAzMDMwOzE1OTg3QzNDNTRDNkYwQkY4QjE3OTVGNDBDREZDNkFGOzQzRTRDQjFENzlGRjI4QkU7" -d '{"apply":{"serviceOfferingId":"default-service-offering-volume","params":"{\"cloudInfraId\":\"37\",\"availableZoneId\":\"az1.dc1\",\"vmId\":null,\"vmName\":\"\",\"count\":\"1\",\"size\":\"20\",\"name\":\"volume-efa9\",\"type\":\"normal\",\"mediaType\":\"fusionstorage\",\"srcResSize\":1,\"srcRes\":{\"srcResType\":null,\"srcResId\":null,\"srcResName\":null},\"volumeId\":null,\"snapshotId\":null}","tenancy":"0","isValid":"false"},"comments":""}' [8c428de14e8a473c81651359f8780de5 indicates the VDC ID. serviceOfferingId (eg:default-service-offering-volume) indicates the service ID. name (eg:volume-efa9) indicates the cloud hard disk name.] ----End

How Do I Unmount a Cloud Hard Disk over an Interface on the ServiceCenter Server
【Product�? ManageOne ServiceCenter 【Version�? 3.X 【Question�? How do I unmount a cloud hard disk over an interface on the ServiceCetner server? 【Answer�? Example curl command of unmounting a cloud hard disk over an interface: curl -i -k -X POST '' -H "User-Agent:HttpClient" -H "Content-Type:application/json" -H "Accept:application/json" -H "X-Auth-User-ID:3a526aa3134348ba9b8b00613e165eed" -H "X-HW-Cloud-Auth-Token:d2NjX2NyeXB0ATQxNDU1MzVGNDM0MjQzOzQ1MzkzOTQ0NDQ0NDM5NDQzODMzMzk0NTM2MzY0NjQ0MzgzMTQxMzAzODM5MzYzODM1NDIzNDMyMzI0MjQ2Mzk7OzMxMzAzMDMwO0Q1RUVBRUUwRjU2Nzg2QTM3Q0ZBRkI3QkIwNTBEQUQwOzgzNzFBNzlENjM4OUZERkM7" -d '{"unmount":{"vmId":"d8c31d9d-fd34-49e4-ab74-6071985b887b"}}' The following parameters may vary depending on the site planning: In the URL: [8c428de14e8a473c81651359f8780de5 indicates the VDC ID. vmID indicates the VM ID. b9e96968-38f2-48ce-ba76-6d802b6d2af7 indicates the ID of the cloud hard disk to be unmounted. X-Auth-User-ID indicates the user ID. The long string after X-HW-Cloud-Auth-Token indicates the token ID. d8c31d9d-fd34-49e4-ab74-6071985b887b indicates ID of the VM where the cloud hard disk is to be unmounted. ----End

What Are the Precautions for Extending a Cloud Hard Disk on ServiceCenter
【Product�? ManageOne ServiceCenter 【Version�? 3.0 【Question�? What are the precautions for extending a cloud hard disk on ServiceCenter? 【Answer�? A cloud hard disk cannot be extended if Application Days corresponding to this cloud hard disk is Permanently Effective. After one of multiple cloud hard disks applied for at a time is extended, the others are automatically extended. A service can be extended only after the application for extending the service is approved by a VDC administrator. ----End

What Are the Restrictions on Unbinding a Cloud Hard Disk from a Cloud Host on ServiceCenter
【Product�? ManageOne ServiceCenter 【Version�? 3.0.7 【Question�? What are the restrictions on unbinding a cloud hard disk from a cloud host on ServiceCenter? 【Answer�? Check whether any VM snapshot or disk snapshot has been created for the cloud host. If a snapshot has been created for the cloud host, the cloud hard disk cannot be unbound from the cloud host. Delete thee cloud host snapshot and unbind the cloud hard disk from the cloud host. ----End

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