How Do I Resolve the Problem That Two OperationCenter Active Nodes Exist


Due to network exception, there may be two active nodes after OperationCenter restarts. Both the active and standby nodes are in the active state.

For details,seeHow Do I Resolve the Problem That Two OperationCenter Active Nodes Exist,The applicable version is 3.0.5,3.0.7,3.0.8,3.0.9.

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What Do I Do If Duplicate Alarms Exist on OperationCenter
Duplicate alarms for CPU and memory usage may exist on the OperationCenter management platform portal. In the case of active/standby deployment, you need to resolve this issue on the active node. The system will automatic synchronize the configuration file to the standby node. For details,seeWhat Do I Do If Duplicate Alarms Exist on OperationCenter,The applicable version is 3.0.5,3.0.7,3.0.8,3.0.9.

How to configure an active-standby two-node cluster for U1900
For details, see Configuration > Configuration Examples in Typical Scenarios > Configuring the Unified Gateway Two-Node Cluster in the product documentation .

FusionSphere licenses not in the BOQ
FusionAccess licenses contain Huawei FusionSphere licenses. The R5 FusionAccess software gifts the same number of FusionSphere (or FusionCube) licenses. The gifted virtualization licenses can be used only in FusionAccess scenarios. Extra licenses cannot be used in other scenarios such as server virtualization. If a project involves both FusionAccess and virtualization scenarios, you are advised to configure FusionSphere licenses in the Bill of Quantity (BOQ).

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