What Do I Do If OperationCenter Reports an Email Server Connection Exception


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What do I do if OperationCenter reports an email server connection exception?

Perform the following operations to rectify the email server connection exception reported by OperationCenter:
Step1 Check whether the email server is normal. On OperationCenter, choose System > Notification Server Configuration > Email Server, click Test to check whether the connection between OperationCenter and the email server is normal.
Step 2 On the OperationCenter server, ping the IP address of the email server to check whether the network is normal.
Step 3 If both the connections between OperationCenter and the email server and network are normal, log in to the OperationCenter server, go to the OperationCenter log directory /opt/OperationCenter/AppBase/OC/AppBase/var/iemp/log/oc/alarm, open the alarm.log file, and search for "send email failed." Check whether emails are sent normally. If emails fail to be sent, contact iEMP personnel to locate the fault.


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