How Do I Apply For a New License After OperationCenter 3.0.X Is Reinstalled


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3.0, 3.0.5, 3.0.7, 3.0.8, and 3.0.9

How do I apply for a new license after OperationCenter 3.0.X is reinstalled?

Step 1 Revoke the license and obtain the revocation code.
Step 2 Delete the existing VMs of OperationCenter from FusionSphere OpenStack OM. Otherwise, VMs may fail to be recreated due to the conflict with the existing OperationCenter IP address. If the VMs on FusionSphere OpenStack OM cannot be deleted, contact a FusionSphere OpenStack administrator to delete them in the background.
Step 3 Create a VM and reinstall OperationCenter by referring to the OperationCenter installation guide in specific version.
Step 4 Log in to ESDP at and choose ESN change from the navigation pane.
Step 5 Enter the revocation code and click Verify.
Step 6 After the verification is successful, enter the new ESN, click Save, and then click OK.
Note: The new ESN must contain all ESNs (the ESNs of the active and standby nodes, or the ESNs of the active and standby nodes in the DR environment). Use commas (,) to separate the ESNs.
Step 7 Download the license file. If no download option is available, refresh the page and try again.
Log in to OperationCenter and import the new license file.


Other related questions:
Do I need to apply for a new license after reinstalling the operating system and software on the SMC2.0 server?
After reinstalling the operating system and software on the SMC2.0 server, you do not need to apply for a new license. You can import the old license. The procedure is as follows: 1. If the hardware is not changed, find the network adapter that is previously used and connect a network cable to the network adapter. 2. Log in to the SMC2.0 web interface. 3. Choose Help > License. 4. On the License page, verify that the license ESN is not changed and import the old license.

How do I apply for a license for the SMC1.0 that is reinstalled?
After reinstalling the SMC1.0, apply for a license for it as follows: Obtain the contract number and device ESN and send them to

Does the license need to be loaded or activated again after an S serieS series switches restarts
For an S series (except the S1700) switch: - When the switch is powered off, restarted, or upgraded, you do not need to apply for, load, or activate the license again because the license status is automatically recovered. - After a license is loaded or activated, the switch does not need to be restarted.

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