How Do I Configure the SSO Whitelist to Allow the SSO from OperationCenter to Other Components Through a Public Network



3.0.9 and earlier

How do I configure the SSO whitelist to allow the SSO from OperationCenter to other components through a public network?

Step 1 Use PuTTY to log in to the OperationCenter server as user appuser and run the following command to switch to user root:
sudo su - root
Enter the password of user root as prompted.

Step 2 Run the following commands to open the file that stores SSO information:
cd /opt/OperationCenter/AppBase/OC/AppBase/app/

Step 3 Press i to modify the file and add IP addresses to the SSO whitelist.
In the sso_white_list configuration item, add IP addresses or domain names as required and separate them with commas (,), for example:

Step 4 Press Esc, run the :wq, command, and press Enter to save the settings and exit.
If OperationCenter is deployed in active/standby mode, perform the operations on both the active and standby nodes.


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