OperationCenter 2.30 Fails to Interconnect with eSight After eSight Is Upgraded to V300R005C00


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【Fault Type�?
Interconnection Management

OperationCenter 2.30 fails to interconnect with eSight after eSight is upgraded to V300R005C00.

【Fault Locating�?
After eSight is upgraded to V300R005, only TLSv1.2 is supported. However, OperationCenter 2.30 does not support TLSv1.2. As a result, the communication authentication between OperationCenter and eSight fails.

Step 1 Stop the eSight service.
1. Log in to the active eSight server.
2. Choose Start > All Programs > eSight > eSight Console.
3. On the eSight console, click Stop to stop the eSight service.
4. Click the icon in the lower right corner to completely exit the eSight console.

Step 2 Modify the ros.xml configuration file.
1. Go to the eSight installation directory\AppBase\etc\oms.ros directory.
2. Back up the ros.xml file.
Right-click the file and rename it to ros.xml.backup.
3. Use the text editor to modify or add parameters in the ros.xml file as follows:

If the eSight environment is a two-node cluster, perform this step on both active and standby servers.

Step 3 Start the eSight service.
Log in to the eSight console, click Start to start the eSight service, and exit the eSight console.


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