How Can I Check the Exception That Occurs When OperationCenter Interconnects with All-In-One FusionManager


ManageOne OperationCenter

3.0, 3.0.5, 3.0.7, 3.0.8, and 3.0.9

How can I check the exception that occurs when OperationCenter interconnects with All-In-One FusionManager?

Step 1 Check the current OperationCenter version by following the instructions provided in How Do I Check the OperationCenter Version? and check All-In-One FusionManager that interconnects with OperationCenter. The OperationCenter version must be V100R002C30SPC108 or later. OperationCenter earlier than V100R002C30SPC108 cannot interconnect with All-In-One FusionManager.
Step 2 Check whether the interfaces of All-In-One FusionManager are compatible with OperationCenter.


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