How to Change the Password of root User in FusionStorage


Use PuTTY to log in to FusionStorage Manager.
Ensure that the management IP address and username dsware are used to establish the connection.
Run the following command to disable logout on timeout:
Run the following command and enter the password of user root to switch to user root:
su - root
Run the following command to change the password for user root:
Enter a new password and press Enter.
The password must comply with the following rules:
Example Value
The password is a string of at least eight characters.
The password must contain the following combinations:
Lowercase letters
Uppercase letters
Special characters: spaces and `~!@#$%^&*()-_=+\|[{}];:'",<.>/?
The password cannot be the username or the username in reverse order.
Enter the new password again and press Enter.
The password is changed if the following information is displayed:
Password changed.

Other related questions:
Changing BMC IP address and password
You can query and modify the iMana (iBMC) IP address and password as follows: On the iMana WebUI: ? Choose Configuration->Network->Management Network Port, and query or modify the iMana IP address. ? Choose Configuration->User->Local User, and query or modify iMana users and passwords. On the iBMC web UI, you can query and modify the iBMC IP address, user name and password on the Configuration > Local Users and Configuration > Network pages. If you forget the BMC IP address or password, enter the BIOS interface and query or change the BMC IP address or the password of user root. ? For the Romley and Grantley platform, choose Advance > IPMI BMC Configuration > BMC Configuration on the BIOS interface. ? For the Brickland platform, choose Server Mgmt > BMC network configuration on the BIOS interface to modify the BMC IP address, and choose Server Mgmt > Reset BMC Root PassWord to change the password of user root.

Method of changing the root user password on BWS 1600G
To change the root user password, run the sm-edit-pass command.

Password of user root
The default password of user root is Huawei12#$. The default password of user root for servers of earlier versions may be root.

BMC password complexity
Complexity check is enabled by default for iBMC password and SNMP community names. The password and SNMP community names must meet the following requirements: ? Contain 8 to 20 characters. ? Contain at least a space or one of the following special characters: `~!@#$%^&*()-_=+\|[{}];:'",<.>/? ? Contain at least two types of the following characters: ? Uppercase letters A to Z ? Lowercase letters a to z ? Digits 0 to 9 ? Cannot be the same as the user name or the user name in reverse order. Only the system administrator can enable or disable the password complexity check.

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