How to reset a password in FusionStorage


On FusionStorage, choose System > Users and security > User Management.
The User Management page is displayed.
Enter the username and click .
The user that meets the search criteria is displayed.
Locate the row that contains the user whose password needs to be reset and click Reset Password.
A dialog box is displayed.
Enter a new password and the confirm password.
The new password must comply with the pre-configured password policies.
Click Reset.
The password of the user is successfully reset.

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How to Configure Password Policies in FusionStorage
On FusionStorage, choose System > Users and security > Password Policy. The Password Policy page is displayed. Set the following parameters to configure password policies: Minimum Number of Characters Maximum Number of Characters Specail Characters Required Allows Username or Reverse Username Number of Repetitions Password Validity Period (days) Change Password upon Reset or First Login Password Change Interval Advance Warning Before Password Expires (days) Repetition Not Allowed Within (days) Allowed Incorrect Inputs Period (min) User Lock Period (min) Click Save. A dialog box is displayed indicating that the password policies are configured. Click OK. The password policies are successfully configured.

What can I do if I forgot the administrator password of the TE endpoint
For details about how to do if you forget the administrator password of a TE series endpoint, see Setting the Administrator Password.

Forget the login password of IAD
Forget the IAD login password has the following two ways to deal with:Log on to IAD via Telnet: enter the user name system and password login on the telnet login screen to log on to IAD, and manually restore the factory configuration and restart in global mode. Log on to the IAD through the serial port: connect the device with the serial port, and then restart the device. View the serial interface print message, when the following print, press the CTRL+R key. Press CTRL+R restore vendor-config 3S input Y or Y, the device automatically restore the factory configuration and restart to. The interface is shown as follows: Confirm to vendor-config? Restore? [Y|N]: After restart, please use the default IP address, re login system. V300R002 version of the user name is root, the password is huawei123 (the old version of the default password is admin).

How to reset the password for logging in to a TC
You can use TCM to reset the password for logging in to a TC. You can restore a Linux TC to its factory settings or log in to a Windows TC as the Admin user and change the password. If you want to restore the default settings of a Windows TC, you need to refresh the system.

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