FusionManager V1R5C00 administrator guide


refer to the link(Server Consolidation,top-local):
refer to the link(Cloud Data Center):
refer to the link(Server Consolidation,all-in-one):

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Where can I obtain the user guide and administrator guide of the eSpace 7910?

Methods of configuring the ACL for a WLAN device
ACL is essentially a packet filter whose rules act as the filter core. The device matches packets based on these rules to filter specific packets, and allows the filtered packets to pass or prevent them from passing according to the processing policies of the service module on which the ACL is applied. Currently, the ACLs on WLAN devices are classified into basic ACL (2000-2999), advanced ACL (3000-3999), Layer 2 ACL (4000-4999), user ACL (6000-9999), basic ACL 6 (2000-2999), and advanced ACL 6 (3000-3999). Fat APs do not support basic ACL 6 and advanced ACL 6. For more information about the ACL of Huawei WLAN devices, see: V200R005: ACL Configuration in AC6605&AC6005&ACU2(AC&FITAP) Product Documentation . V200R006: ACL Configuration in AC6605&AC6005&ACU2(AC&FITAP)Product Documentation.

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