What are the functions of FusionInsight Stream?


FusionInsight Stream is an enterprise-class, real-time data processing system. It processes massive, diverse, and complex data sets on a real-time basis to fulfill service requirements, such as real-time decision-making, recommendations, and presentations. It enables enterprises to uncover large hidden values from massive volumes of data, spot risks and opportunities, enhancing decision-making and process optimization.

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What are the functions of FusionInsight MPPDB?
FusionInsight MPPDB provides the following functions: 1. Standard SQL support Supports SQL92 and SQL2003 standards, GBK and UTF-8 character sets, standard SQL functions, OLAP analysis functions, and stored procedure. 2. Database storage management Supports tablespace and online capacity expansion. 3. Component management and high availability (HA) of data nodes Supports atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID) features of database transactions, recovery from single node failures, and load balancing. 4. APIs Supports standard JDBC 4.0 and ODBC 3.5. 5. Security management Supports SSL security network connections, user rights management, password management, and security auditing, ensuring security of databases at management, application, system, and network layers.

What are the functions of FusionInsight Manager?
FusionInsight Manager serves as an O&M system that provides highly reliable, secure, fault-tolerant, and easy-to-use cluster management for FusionInsight HD. It helps customers solve related issues in scenarios such as site deployment, routine maintenance, troubleshooting, and service R&D. FusionInsight Manager supports installation and deployment, monitoring, alarm management, user management, rights management, auditing, service management, health checks, fault location, upgrades, and patching of large-scale clusters. 1. One-click installation 2. Unified alarm monitoring 3. Unified user management 4. Service management 5. Health checks 6. Maintenance operation auditing 7. Single sign-on 8. Fault location 9. Backup and restoration 10. System upgrades

What are the functions of FusionInsight logs?
FusionInsight log types are as follows: 1. Installation logs: record the Manager, cluster, and service installation information to help users locate installation errors. 2. Run logs: record the running track information, debugging information, status changes, potential problems, and error information generated during the running of services. 3. Audit logs: record information about users' activities and operation instructions, which can be used to locate fault causes in security events and determine who are responsible for these faults.

What are the enhanced functions of FusionInsight MPPDB?
FusionInsight MPPDB offers the following enhanced features: 1. Distributed data storage 2. Data partition 3. Parallel data import 4. Fully parallel data query processing 5. Vectorized executor and hybrid row/column-based storage engine 6. Workload management 7. Reliable transaction processing 8. Online scale-out

Definition of Phoenix
Phoenix is the SQL entry of HBase. It implements most java.sql interfaces. The SQL syntax follows the ANSI SQL standard. For details about the supported processing functions, see. http://phoenix.apache.org/language/functions.html; For details about the supported syntax, see http://phoenix.apache.org/language/index.html.

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