Definition of FusionInsight MPPDB


FusionInsight MPPDB is an enterprise-class relational database for large-scale parallel processing. It adopts the massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture, supports column-based storage, and provides processing capabilities of PB-level (two to the fiftieth power) data.

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Functions of FusionInsight MPPDB
FusionInsight MPPDB provides the following functions: 1. Standard SQL support Supports SQL92 and SQL2003 standards, GBK and UTF-8 character sets, standard SQL functions, OLAP analysis functions, and stored procedure. 2. Database storage management Supports tablespace and online capacity expansion. 3. Component management and high availability (HA) of data nodes Supports atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID) features of database transactions, recovery from single node failures, and load balancing. 4. APIs Supports standard JDBC 4.0 and ODBC 3.5. 5. Security management Supports SSL security network connections, user rights management, password management, and security auditing, ensuring security of databases at management, application, system, and network layers.

Development of FusionInsight MPPDB
FusionInsight MPPDB is implemented based on the open source Postgre-XC component and adopts the massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture (also called Shared Nothing structure). It divides database instances into two roles, namely, Coordinator and DataNode. Coordinator is responsible for providing external application interfaces, optimizing and distributing execution plans, and summarizing execution results. DataNode reads data from and writes data to database tables. Multiple database instances can run on each x86 storage node concurrently, forming a distributed database cluster.

Enhanced features of FusionInsight MPPDB?
FusionInsight MPPDB offers the following enhanced features: 1. Distributed data storage 2. Data partition 3. Parallel data import 4. Fully parallel data query processing 5. Vectorized executor and hybrid row/column-based storage engine 6. Workload management 7. Reliable transaction processing 8. Online scale-out

External interfaces of FusionInsight MPPDB
FusionInsight MPPDB provides JDBC and ODBC interfaces.

Technical features of FusionInsight MPPDB
1. Low cost: The distributed x86 architecture helps customers reduce hardware investment. SQL92 and SQL2003 standards are supported, which enables reliable migration of customers' application systems. 2. High performance: Key technologies such as column-based storage, vectorized executor, and distributed query processing are adopted, ensuring that MPPDB is able to query tens of billions of data records in seconds. 3. Massive sets of data: A cluster can contain a maximum of 256 nodes and support PB-level data management. Additionally, the cluster can be flexibly scaled in and out based on customer requirements. Services can be non-disruptively expanded, reducing user investment.

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