Number of MQ nodes required by a FusionInsight Farmer cluster


The MQ service must be installed on at least two nodes. Each node has an mqs instance and the two nodes mutually back up. The system supports a maximum of 10 sets of mqs instances.

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SSD installation requirements on MQ nodes for a FusionInsight Farmer environment
The Message Queue (MQ) service provides message queuing capabilities. In order to deliver high throughput, Solid State Drives (SSDs) must be installed on MQ nodes.

Settings for SSDs on MQ nodes in a FusionInsight Farmer environment
The SSD on an MQ node requires manual formatting and two partitions of the same size. Partition capacity must be greater than or equal to the associated MQ's capacity. Note that the partition capacity is configurable. Minimum capacity is 4 GB and maximum capacity is 40 GB.

Method used to set MQ capacity in a FusionInsight Farmer environment
You can set MQ capacity by configuring the mqs.size item when installing the MQ service. If the MQ service has been installed and you need to change MQ capacity, uninstall and reinstall the MQ service.

Maximum number of nodes supported by a FusionInsight cluster
According to the specifications of FusionInsight HD, a cluster can contain a maximum of 5000 nodes. 512 nodes are configured by default. If you need a larger cluster, contact Huawei technical support engineers to obtain professional solutions.

Whether the number of WebContainer instances on Container nodes on FusionInsight Farmer is configurable
The number of WebContainer instances on each node is determined by hardware resources, specifically CPUs and memory. At least one instance and a maximum of 32 instances can be installed on each node. The number cannot be manually changed.

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