How do I set SSDs?


The SSD on an MQ node requires manual formatting and two partitions of the same size. Partition capacity must be greater than or equal to the associated MQ's capacity. Note that the partition capacity is configurable. Minimum capacity is 4 GB and maximum capacity is 40 GB.

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How do I restore factory settings
Procedure 1. Run the reset saved-configuration command to clear the configuration file for the next startup and delete the configuration file used in the next startup. 2. Run the reboot fast command to restart the system.

How do I set the MTU value for the MCU?
By default, the MTU value of the MCU is 1500 bytes, which can be changed and be valid for only signaling packets. Generally, you are advised not to change the MTU value. Instead, change the MTU value of the network device to the same as the MTU value of the MCU or endpoint. The method for changing the MTU value is as follows: Run the sys setMTU command, press Enter, enter the new value, press Enter, save the setting, and restart the network device.

How do I set the GK number of the MCU?
An alias is used by the MCU to register with a GK. The GK identifies the MCU through the MCU alias. The GK number is configurable. It is a string of up to 32 characters consisting of digits and letters.

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