Method used to deploy applications in a FusionInsight Farmer environment


After a new application is developed based on service requirements, the system administrator can add its WAR file to FusionInsight Farmer so that it can become a BLU.
The specific operation is as follows:
On FusionInsight Manager, choose Services > Containers > Business Manager > Add BLU.

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Method used to set MQ capacity in a FusionInsight Farmer environment
You can set MQ capacity by configuring the mqs.size item when installing the MQ service. If the MQ service has been installed and you need to change MQ capacity, uninstall and reinstall the MQ service.

Method used to back up MQ data in a FusionInsight Farmer environment
MQ information is persistently stored on an SSD. When an exception occurs, SSD data can be automatically collected if the SSD is unformatted. The cluster does not provide independent MQ data backup and restoration functions.

Definition of the BLU in a FusionInsight Farmer environment
Business logic units (BLUs) implement cohesive service logic on FusionInsight Farmer. They are the entity objects of service processing that contain the logic of all services. BLUs can be deployed on multiple instances.

Settings for SSDs on MQ nodes in a FusionInsight Farmer environment
The SSD on an MQ node requires manual formatting and two partitions of the same size. Partition capacity must be greater than or equal to the associated MQ's capacity. Note that the partition capacity is configurable. Minimum capacity is 4 GB and maximum capacity is 40 GB.

Functions of the configuration set in a FusionInsight Farmer environment
A configuration set is a group of files that support the basic configuration of a BLU and allows it to access a FusionInsight cluster. In short, it ensures the data interaction between a BLU and a FusionInsight cluster. The configuration set needs to be added to a group and shared by all BLUs in the group.

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