What is Wildcard


A wildcard allows a substitution of one or more letters of a word to account for possible variations in spelling or tenses. Wildcards include an asterisk (*) and a question mark (?).

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Wildcard for the USG2000&5000
The wildcard is the reverse bits of the obverse mask. For example, mask of network C is expressed as 1111111111111111 11111111 00000000 in binary format. Conversely, the binary format is displayed as 00000000 00000000 00000000 11111111. Accordingly, the wildcard in decimal format is In an ACL, the wildcard is adopted for matching IP addresses, whereas the obverse mask is adopted for matching MAC addresses.

What is AS
Auto Scaling (AS) is a service that automatically adjusts resources based on your service requirements and configured AS policies. You can specify AS configurations and policies based on service requirements. These configurations and policies free you from repeatedly adjusting resources to keep up with service changes and demand peaks, which helps you reduce the required resources and workforce.

What is Beamforming
The beamforming or Transmit Beam Forming (TxBF) technology produces the strong directional radiation pattern based on the strong correlation of the spatial channel and wave interference principle, making the main lobe of the radiation pattern adaptive to point to the wave direction. This technology improves the SNR, system capacity, and coverage range. Beamforming or TxBF is an optional feature in the 802.11n standard. Beamforming includes explicit beamforming and implicit beamforming. Explicit beamforming requires the receive end to send information about the received signal to an AP. The AP then adjusts the transmit power to the optimal value according to the signal information. This function increases the SNR of the receive end and improves the receiving capability. Implicit beamforming allows an AP to automatically adjust the transmit power to increase the SNR of the receive end based on channel parameters without requiring the receive end to work with the AP. Currently, mainstream terminals do not support beamforming.

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