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The appropriateness of a document to the search conducted by the user.

Other related questions:
What does the U1900 equipment serial number (ESN) relate to?
The U1900 license is associated with the SN of the subrack. Replacing the main control board or other boards does not affect the ESN and therefore does not require a new license.

Which CPU process is relevant to NAT
In the display cpu-usage command output, the VALP process is relevant to NAT. The CPU usage of the VALP process is high because the device enabled with NAT ALG sends packets to the control plane. To reduce the CPU usage, delete unnecessary ALG configuration.

Tributary card and relevant interface card of OSN1500
PL1: insert in osn1500A or osn1500B subrack. When cross connection capacity is 15Gbit/s ,you can put slot 6-8 When cross connection capacity is 20Gbit/s or 60Gbit/s ,you can put slot 6-9 PD1:Under osn 1500A, connect with interface card L75S or L12S ; Under osn1500B ,cross connection capacity is 15Gbit/s ,PD1 work under slot11-slot13,slot6-slot8; cross connection capacity is 20Gbit/s or 60G ,PD1 work under slot1-slot3,slot11-slot13,slot6-slot8;

Whether the service-manage command needs to be configured on relevant physical interfaces after it has been configured on a logical interface
You must configure the service-manage command for relevant physical interfaces.

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