What is Query parser


A query parser processes the terms entered by a user.

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What is the principle for HBase data query?
HBase is a distributed storage database of the KeyValue type. Data in an HBase table is sorted in alphabetic order based on RowKeys. If you query data based on a specified RowKey or if you scan data in the scale of a specified RowKey, HBase can quickly locate the data that needs to be read.

What is the method for querying the SN of the VCN3000 server?
Step 1 Log in to the VCN3000 server as the root user. Step 2 Run the dmidecode command. The following information is displayed: (In the following information, 210235G7GV10E5000150 is the SN of the VCN3000 server.) Manufacturer: Huawei Technologies Product Name: VCN3000 Version: STG21630 Serial Number: 210235G7GV10E5000150 UUID: 78563412-3412-7856-90AB-CDDEEFAABBCC Wake-up Type: Power Switch SKU Number: To Be filled By OEM Family: Server

Where can I query SMC2.0 authorization?
To query SMC2.0 authorization: 1. Log in to the SMC2.0 web page as the admin user. 2. Choose Help > License and query the current authorization information.

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