Definition of Favored Nodes


A set of data nodes that client application would prefer to use for writing a set of colocated files.

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Definition of management nodes
A management node is the management system of a FusionInsight cluster. It provides a unified access entry and manages the nodes and services deployed in the cluster in a unified manner.

Definition of data nodes
A data node executes the instructions sent by the management node, reports the task status, stores data, and provides other public functions.

Definition of control nodes?
A control node controls and monitors how data nodes store and receive data, and send process status, and provides other public functions.

Definition of Kafka
Kafka is a distributed, partitioned, and replicated message publishing and subscription system that provides features similar to the Java Message Service (JMS). Kafka features message persistence, high throughput, distribution, multi-client support, and real-time processing, and applies to online and offline message consumption. It is ideal for Internet service data collection scenarios, such as conventional data collection, active website tracing, aggregation of operation data in statistics systems (monitoring data), and log collection.

Definition of Tomcat
Tomcat is a free-of-charge, lightweight, open source web application server developed by Apache Software Foundation, Sun and other companies, and individuals. Gaining support from Sun, Tomcat complies with the latest Servlet and JavaServer Page (JSP) specifications. It features advanced technology, stable performance, and good scalability, and occupies a small number of system resources during running. As a result, Tomcat applies to small- and medium-sized systems and scenarios with a few concurrent users. An HTTP server embedded in Tomcat enables Tomcat to work as a web server. It provides a configuration management tool and supports XML configuration files. Tomcat is different from the Apache web server, which is an HTTP server using C language.

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