What is Access Control List


A list of entities, together with their access rights, which are authorized to access a resource.

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OptiX OSN 2500 list of largest access ability
Lists and access to the largest capacity STM - 16 standard or cascade of business: 9 STM - 16 (FEC) business: 7 STM - 4 standard or cascade of business: 36 Standard business STM - 1:92 STM - 1 (electric) business: 34 road 16 road E4 business: E3 / T3 business: 57 E1:252 T1:252 Fast Ethernet (FE) : 88 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) business: 28 road STM - 1 ATM business: 28 road STM - 4 ATM business: 7 ESCON business: 20 road FICON/FC100 business: 9 FC200 business: 4-way DVB - ASI business: 20 N x 64 kbit/s business (N: 1-31) : 32 Usual E1 business: 32

How is access control configured on an AR
You can configure a traffic policy on an AR to implement access control. For example, to prevent users on a network segment from accessing the Internet, perform the following operations: # acl number 2015 //Configure an ACL to define the network segment. rule 5 permit source # traffic classifier c1 operator or //Configure a traffic classifier and reference the ACL. if-match acl 2015 # traffic behavior b1 //Configure a traffic behavior and define the deny action. deny # traffic policy p1 //Configure a traffic policy and bind the traffic classifier and traffic behavior to the traffic policy. classifier c1 behavior b1 # interface Ethernet5/0/0 traffic-policy p1 inbound //Apply the traffic policy to an interface. #

VDSL interconnection list
V200R007 and later versions: For details about how to connect VDSL interfaces of the AR129, AR169, AR169G-L, AR169-P-M9 and AR509G-L-D-H routers to other Huawei devices, see the AR Series Router V200R006C10 VDSL Interconnection List. You can log in to Huawei enterprise support website (http://support.huawei.com/enterprise) to obtain the list based the product model and version.

What is the definition of an event list
The trace list displays details about operations, such as creation, modification, and deletion of cloud service resources, by a tenant. The trace list contains traces generated during the last 7 days.

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