Definition of File Transfer Protocol


A member of the TCP/IP suite of protocols, used to copy files between two computers on the Internet. Both computers must support their respective FTP roles: one must be an FTP client and the other an FTP server.

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What Are ECS Protocols and Ports?

Backend ECSs provide network service protocols and ports. For example, if Internet Information Services (IIS) is installed on a Windows ECS, the default protocol is HTTP, and the default port is 80.

Definition of the keytab file
The keytab file is a key file for storing user information. Applications use the keytab file for API authentication.

What can I do if the file transfer fails on a WLAN device
The possible causes and troubleshooting methods are as follows: 1. The FTP server is incorrectly configured. Check the FTP server configuration to ensure that the configurations on the server and client are correct. 2. The file name is incorrect (file names are case-sensitive) when a command is executed. Check the name of the file to be uploaded to ensure that the file name in the command is correct. If the file system on a WLAN device fails, the system prompts you to rectify the fault. In this case, you are advised to run the fixdisk command in the user view. After this command is executed, if the system still prompts you to rectify the fault, the physical medium may be damaged. You are advised not to run this command when the system is working properly. This command cannot be used to rectify device faults.

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