What is Continuous Query Language


A language for querying data streams. Compared with standard SQL, CQL introduces the concept of window to store data in memory. Therefore, massive in-memory computing can be quickly implemented. CQL query results are computing results of data streams at a specific moment.

Other related questions:
What is the mechanism of voice activation of continuous presence?
The mechanism of voice activation of continuous presence is as follows: After voice activation is enabled, if the volume of the participant with the loudest voice reaches the specified sensitivity, voice activation is triggered. In special scenarios, voice activation priority may not be the highest. For example, during broadcasting, the broadcast participant is still watched.

U1900 support to change language of voice
U1900 series support the replacement of the voice of the language, while the built-in voice support for multi language types. Log on to LMT and select the corresponding voice pack under the version maintenance > voice file management menu. Voice packets in the package path(e.g U1960)is“\01 eSpace U1960\01 eSpace U1960\voice”。 the UC product documentation provide more language localization

Changing the language on the web UI of the USG
Procedure for changing the language on the web UI: 1. After accessing the web UI through the browser, select Simplified Chinese or English from the Language drop-down list on the login page. Then, the web UI is displayed in the selected language. 2. To change the language of the web UI during the operation, log in to the web UI to select a language after registration.

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