Function of client ofRedis server


It is the party that provides services.

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Can the NTP server function be disabled on an S series switch that functions as a client
You can run the ntp-service server disable command on an S series switch (except the S1700) to disable the NTP server function. Perform the following configuration: [HUAWEI] ntp-service server disable

Which versions of S series switch functioning as DHCP server can return requested options to clients
When an S series switches (except S1700 switches) functions as a DHCP server, it encapsulates an option field in the Reply message sent to a client only when: 1) The Request message sent by the client requests the option; 2) The option is configured in the address pool on the server.

Methods of configuring a WLAN device to log in to another device as an SSH client
Logging in to WLAN devices through SSH (STelnet) implements secure remote login on an insecure network, ensuring data integrity and reliability, and secure data transmission. Users can use local devices to log in to other devices through SSH. There is no difference in the configurations for various device types. For the operation procedure, see: Example for Configuring the Device as the STelnet Client to Log In to Another Device.

Server functions
A server is a device providing computing services. Servers respond to and process service requests and are capable of bearing and providing services. A server consists of processors, hard disks, DIMMS, and system buses. Servers are required to provide reliable services and therefore feature high processing capability, stability, reliability, security, and scalability, and are easy to manage.

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