Function of client of single node edition


It is the client API for accessing the Redis server of the single node edition.

Other related questions:
Checking clients connected to a node
Procedure for checking clients connected to a node: 1. Log in to DeviceManager. 2. Choose System > Device View. 3. Click the name of a node on the Node List tab page. 4. Click the Clients tab to view client information about the node.

Bandwidth supported by a single node of OceanStor 9000
Bandwidth provided by a node or a system is related to service scenarios, service models, node types, disk types, and networking types, and is subject to a list of performance specifications. Permission is required to obtain the list. If you need the list, contact pre-sales support engineers.

Whether the number of Redis instances on a single node is configurable
At least one instance and a maximum of 32 instances can be installed on each node. The number of instances on each node is determined by hardware resources. You are advised not to change the number.

Controlling the range of nodes connected to each client
The InfoEqualizer feature introduces the concepts of zone and subnet. A zone corresponds to a group of nodes and can have its own domain name and load balancing policy. Clients can send access requests to nodes in a specific zone using the domain name of the zone.

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