How to use a Client of FusionInsight


1.Use PuTTY to log in to the node where the client is installed as the client installation user.
2.Run the following command to go to the client installation directory:cd /opt/client
3.Run the following command to configure environment variables:source bigdata_env
4.If the cluster uses the Security Mode, run the following command to perform user authentication. If the cluster uses the Normal Mode, no user authentication is required.kinit component service user
5.Run shell commands based on the actual service requirements.The methods vary according to client type. For details, see the Service Operation Guide.

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FusionInsight client uninstallation
You can run the rm –rf command to delete all files in the folder where client programs are located (for example, /opt/hadoopclient) to uninstall the client.

Method used to install a cluster client
Log in to FusionInsight Manager, click Services, and click Download Client on the menu bar. For details, see section "Installing a Client" in the FusionInsight HD V100R002C80SPC200 Product Documentation.

Reasons for using the FusionInsight system
As data increases, structured data (such as financial data), semi-structured or unstructured data (such as orders, contracts, and logs), and related data obtained from the Internet are accumulated in enterprises' production and operation systems. The data contains huge value. The existing first data plane of enterprises (represented by Oracle and EMC products) is expensive and difficult to expand. It applies only to the processing of structured data. In the big data era, enterprises need to construct the second data plane to process higher amounts of multi-dimensional data. Data of the second data plane comes from the first data plane and external systems. The construction or operation of the second data plane does not affect the first transaction-oriented data plane.

What is FusionInsight Stream used for?
FusionInsight Stream is an enterprise-class, real-time data processing system. It processes massive, diverse, and complex data sets on a real-time basis to fulfill service requirements, such as real-time decision-making, recommendations, and presentations. It enables enterprises to uncover large hidden values from massive volumes of data, spot risks and opportunities, enhancing decision-making and process optimization.

What is FusionInsight MPPDB used for?
FusionInsight MPPDB provides the following functions: 1. Standard SQL support Supports SQL92 and SQL2003 standards, GBK and UTF-8 character sets, standard SQL functions, OLAP analysis functions, and stored procedure. 2. Database storage management Supports tablespace and online capacity expansion. 3. Component management and high availability (HA) of data nodes Supports atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID) features of database transactions, recovery from single node failures, and load balancing. 4. APIs Supports standard JDBC 4.0 and ODBC 3.5. 5. Security management Supports SSL security network connections, user rights management, password management, and security auditing, ensuring security of databases at management, application, system, and network layers.

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