Method used to recover an HBase table


For details about how to recover HBase data, see "Administrator Guide > System > Backup and Recovery Management > Recovering Data > Recovering HBase Data" in the FusionInsight HD V100R002C80SPC200 Product Documentation.

Other related questions:
Method used to recover data on OceanStor 9000 V100R001C01
Based on failed objects and data recovery triggering conditions, OceanStor 9000 V100R001C01 recovers data using two methods: ensuring zero data loss on the original disk or node and writing the data in a failed disk or node to other normal disks or nodes through calculations.

Methods for using boards whose FTP function is recovered in BIOS state
1. Set the PC IP address on the same network segment as that of the NE. Connect the PC to the NM_ETH port of the upgraded NE using a network cable. Run the :cm-set-ftp:open command to enable the FTP function using the Navigator. Open the IE browser and enter the NE IP address ftp://129.9.*.* to log in to the NE. Character strings such as bd1 and bd10 indicate storage areas of the boards in corresponding slots. Find the board whose hardware version is the same as the faulty one. Copy the files in the osf1\fpga and osf1\hwx folders to the local computer to restore the faulty board. 2. If the desired board is in the slave subrack, run the :cfg-set-dir-map:1-1 (subrack ID-slot ID) command to add a path for the board in the slave subrack. Log in to the NE using the FTP. The board in the slave subrack is displayed. 3. Log in to the faulty NE using the same method and find the faulty board. Copy the local files to the corresponding folder. Generally, boards in BIOS state can still communicate with the SCC board through the internal communication bus. Therefore, the faulty board can be identified using FTP. For most boards, the files in the hwx folder may be missing. For some boards, the files in the fpga file may also be missing. Check whether the files are complete. 4. After files are copied to the destination folder, you need to check whether a logical board exists in the slot of the faulty board through the U2000. If yes, delete the board. Otherwise, the restoration will fail. 5. Remove and re-insert the board. After the board BIOS booting and software loading, the PROG indicator becomes steady green, indicating the board resumes normal operation. Run the :dmm-get-phybd:0 command to query the board status. The board is in SOFT state.

Methods used to clear the session table of the USG6000 series
Run the reset firewall session table command to clear the session table. You can run the reset firewall ipv6 session command to clear the IPv6 session table.

Methods used to recover services after the system control board is replaced on the OSN 1800
THE OSN 1800 does not support data downloading. Services can be recovered only by restoring database data.

Method used to create a Hive table using multi-character delimiters
In most cases, a carriage return character is used as the row delimiter in Hive tables stored in text files, that is, the carriage return character is used as the terminator of a row during search. However, some data files are delimited by special characters other than a carriage return character. FusionInsight Hive allows you to use different characters or character combinations to delimit rows of Hive text data. When creating a table, set inputformat to SpecifiedDelimiterInputFormat, and set hive.textinput.record.delimiter='' before search each time. Then the table data is queried by the specified delimiter.

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