Method used to create a Hive table using multi-character delimiters


In most cases, a carriage return character is used as the row delimiter in Hive tables stored in text files, that is, the carriage return character is used as the terminator of a row during search. However, some data files are delimited by special characters other than a carriage return character. FusionInsight Hive allows you to use different characters or character combinations to delimit rows of Hive text data. When creating a table, set inputformat to SpecifiedDelimiterInputFormat, and set hive.textinput.record.delimiter='' before search each time. Then the table data is queried by the specified delimiter.

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Hive is a data warehouse framework built on Hadoop. It provides structured data storage using Hive query language (HQL), a language similar to structured query language (SQL). Hive converts HQL statements to MapReduce jobs so that massive data analysis and querying can be performed within Hadoop clusters.

Method used to recover an HBase table
For details about how to recover HBase data, see "Administrator Guide > System > Backup and Recovery Management > Recovering Data > Recovering HBase Data" in the FusionInsight HD V100R002C80SPC200 Product Documentation.

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For details about how to create a user VM template, see the "Creating VM Templates" section in FusionCloud Desktop Virtual Desktop Management Guide. Download path: Click the link and choose Support > IT > Cloud Computing > FusionCloud > FusionCloud Desktop Solution.

Methods used to clear the session table of the USG6000 series
Run the reset firewall session table command to clear the session table. You can run the reset firewall ipv6 session command to clear the IPv6 session table.

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You can use either of the following methods to add a user to a static multi-user VM: 1. On the FusionAccess portal, click Quick Provision, go to the Assign Desktop step, and specify Add User or Set User Group. 2. You can also add users to a static multi-user VM that has been successfully provisioned. (1) On the FusionAccess portal, choose Desktop > All Computers. (2) Select the target VM whose Assignment Type is Multiple Users and click Advanced Function. (3) Select Add User from the drop-down menu.

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