Differences between Elk and MPP


Elk is an SQL computing engine based on HD or HDFS. MPP is a parallel analytic database based on local disks.

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Relationship between the Elk database and HD
Elk is an SQL on Hadoop solution. It is a component of HD and provides excellent SQL query performance and compatibility on HD.

Method used to unlock a user in Elk
Unlocking users using FusionInsight Manager does not affect users' use of the Elk component, because the definition of user unlocking on Elk is different from that on FusionInsight Manager. Therefore, the function of unlocking users is not mediated between FusionInsight Manager and Elk. For the function-related operations, the administrator needs to log in to the Elk backend and run a command. Unlock command: ALTER USER username ACCOUNT UNLOCKFor example, log in to the database as the administrator and run the following command to unlock user1: postgres=# ALTER USER user1 ACCOUNT UNLOCK

How to obtain the Elk installation package
For an enterprise user, log in to http://support.huawei.com/enterprise/ using the account. Select Downloads, and search for the keyword Elk. For a carrier user, log in to http://support.huawei.com using the account. Select Software, and search for the keyword Elk.

Differences between IN_PWR_LOW differ from IN_PWR_ABN
IN_PWR_ABN is the predecessor of IN_PWR_LOW/IN_PWR_HIGH. Due to historical reasons, both alarms exist in the OptiX OSN 8800.

Differences between TE40 and TE30 usage scenarios
Compared with TE30, TE40 has higher performance and more ports. TE40 is a good choice for holding video conferences in medium- or small-scale conference rooms and office rooms. Example: TE40 supports a maximum of 8 Mbit/s call bandwidth, while TE30 supports a maximum of 4 Mbit/s call bandwidth. TE40 supports a maximum of 1080p60 image resolution, while TE30 supports a maximum of 1080p30 image resolution. TE40 supports three video input ports, while TE30 supports two. TE30 adopts an all-in-one design that that integrates digital cameras and stereo microphones, satisfying the demand of senior managers to attend video conferences in administrative offices or small-sized conference rooms. For more differences, see TE40 Product Description and TE30 Product Description.

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