Method used to set user rights within a FusionInsight environment


FusionInsight user rights are defined by roles. Users who are bound to roles directly or through groups can obtain related rights.

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User management methods within a FusionInsight environment
The FusionInsight administrator can manage users on the Manager page in GUI mode, such as modifying user information, locking or unlocking users, deleting users, and resetting passwords, among other options. In addition, the administrator can use the kadmin console command to manage users on clients.

User types within a FusionInsight environment
FusionInsight supports human-machine users and machine-machine users. Passwords of human-machine users can be customized based on the password policy. Those of machine-machine users are randomly generated by the system. The two kinds of users can co-exist in a FusionInsight cluster.

Method used to set MQ capacity in a FusionInsight Farmer environment
You can set MQ capacity by configuring the mqs.size item when installing the MQ service. If the MQ service has been installed and you need to change MQ capacity, uninstall and reinstall the MQ service.

Data that can be backed up and restored within a FusionInsight HD environment
FusionInsight HD provides backup functions for system and user data within each component. The data mainly includes databases and configuration files for the Manager component, user information, DBService metadata, HBase user service data, and HDFS metadata and user service data.

Method used to deploy applications in a FusionInsight Farmer environment
After a new application is developed based on service requirements, the system administrator can add its WAR file to FusionInsight Farmer so that it can become a BLU. The specific operation is as follows: On FusionInsight Manager, choose Services > Containers > Business Manager > Add BLU.

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