What users does FusionInsight have?


FusionInsight supports human-machine users and machine-machine users. Passwords of human-machine users can be customized based on the password policy. Those of machine-machine users are randomly generated by the system. The two kinds of users can co-exist in a FusionInsight cluster.

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What structure does FusionInsight have?
The FusionInsight solution consists of five sub-products, FusionInsight HD, FusionInsight Stream, FusionInsight MPPDB, FusionInsight Miner, and FusionInsight Farmer. It also has one operation management system, namely, FusionInsight Manager.

In FusionInsight,What is the default user and password for logging in to FusionInsight Manager
Default username is admin and the default password is Admin@123

What services does FusionInsight provide?
FusionInsight HD: HDFS, HBase, Yarn, MapReduce, Spark, ZooKeeper, Hive, FTP-Server, Loader, Hue, Flume, Oozie, Solr Impala, Kafka, and DBService FusionInsight Stream: Redis, Kafka, Streaming, ZooKeeper, and DBService FusionInsight Farmer: ALB, Containers, DBService, MQ, Redis, and ZooKeeper FusionInsight Miner: FusionInsight HD plus the Miner service FusionInsight MPPDB: Massively parallel processing (MPP)

What OSs does FusionInsight need?
FusionInsight currently supports the following OSs: 1. SUSE 11.1, SUSE 11.2, and SUSE 11.3 2. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 and 6.5 3. CentOS 6.4 and 6.5 SUSE11.3 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 OSs are recommended.

In FusionInsight,What time does ALM-12031 The omm User or Password Is About to Expire
The system starts at 00:00 every day to check whether the omm user and password are about to expire every eight hours. This alarm is generated if the user or password is about to expire in 15 days.

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