What are the benefits of Loader?


Compared with conventional Extract-Transform-Load (ETL), Loader has the following advantage and disadvantage:
1. Advantage:
Loader uses a MapReduce-based parallel computing architecture as the underlying architecture, which delivers a faster data processing speed than ETL.
2. Disadvantage:
Compared with ETL, Loader focuses more on the data import and export function of FusionInsight Hadoop and is weak in data conversion.

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What are the benefits of Spark?
1. Spark improves the data processing capability by as much as 10 to 100 times over the capabilities of MapReduce. It does this by using distributed memory computing and a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) engine. 2. Spark supports multiple development languages including Scala, Java, and Python. It supports dozens of highly abstract operators. This flexibility facilitates the construction of distributed data processing applications. 3. Spark provides one-stop data processing capability by working with SQL, Streaming, MLlib, and GraphX to form data processing stacks. 4. Spark can run in standalone, Mesos, or Yarn mode. It can access HDFS, HBase, and Hive data sources. It supports smooth swift from MapReduce. All of these functions allow Spark to easily fit into the Hadoop ecosystem.

What are the benefits of Hive?
Hive provides the following advantageous functions: 1. Analyzes massive structured data and summarizes analysis results. 2. Allows complex MapReduce jobs to be compiled in SQL languages. 3. Supports flexible data storage formats, including JavaScript object notation (JSON), comma separated values (CSV), TextFile, RCFile, and SequenceFile.

What are benefits of using SIP AGs as voice gateways
The AR router supports the SIP AG function to provide VoIP services, which brings the following benefits: -Lower costs: Traditional call and fax services use the circuit switching mode, in which each call session occupies a circuit. Therefore, fees are high, especially when users make long-distance calls. VoIP services use the packet switching mode, and call fees are much lower. -High call quality: SIP AGs ensure call completion rate, voice quality, and service types by configuring QoS. -Smooth upgrade/capacity expansion: A VoIP system is compatible with the existing telephony systems and office platforms, and the service capacity can be increased when the enterprise scale expands.

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