How to Configure the Capacity of RAID1


When you create the RAID1, restrict the capacity of RAID1 to minimize the re-establishment duration of RAID1. It is recommended that the capacity of RAID1 be restricted to 600 GB. With this restriction, the re-establishment duration of RAID1 when a fault occurs is reduced to four hours.If an LSI SAS 2208 RAID card is used, set the Select Size parameter when you create a virtual disk.

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Method used to configure LUN capacity expansion
You can configure LUN capacity expansion as follows: When storage space provided to the host by the LUN cannot meet service requirements, you need to perform capacity expansion to expand the LUN's capacity. To configure LUN expansion for a mapped LUN, configure LUN expansion on the storage system and application server. Then the expanded LUN can be used. Storage device side: creating LUN expansion on Integrated Storage Manager (ISM) Application server side: performing capacity expansion for the disk mapped to the LUN in CLI mode Note: To create LUN expansion on ISM in the storage systems of the S5000 V100R001 version, ensure that the primary and secondary LUNs are located in the same RAID group. In this case, you can avoid read and write operations across the RAID groups, and deteriorating data read and write performance.

What is the capacity of a VP9660?
The capacity of a VP9660 is as follows: Each board supports 24 1080p30 ports. Versions earlier than V100R001C30 support seven media boards. V100R001C30 and later version support eight media boards. That is, a VP9660 support 24 x 7 or 24 x 8 ports.

How to calculate the recording capacity
Recording data storage capacity = (Number of D1 recording channels x D1 bit rate x 3600 x 24 x Number of recording storage days + Number of 720p recording channels x 720p bit rate x 3600 x 24 x Number of recording storage days + Number of 1080p recording channels x 1080p bit rate x 3600 x 24 x Number of recording storage days)/8. In the case that the server storage capacity is fixed, if the number of recording channels is decreased and the recording bit rate is lowered, the number of recording storage days can be increased.

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