DBService Startup Failure During Cluster Installation Due to the Unavailable Port


During the cluster installation or DBService restarting, DBService fails to start. An error message printed in the log indicates that port 20051 is occupied.Possible Causes:The default port, port 20051, of DBService is occupied by other processes.Stopping of the DBService process fails and therefore the port is not released.
Procedure:1.Use PuTTY to log in to the host where the DBService installation failure occurred as user root and run the ps -ef | grep "20051" command.
2.Run the kill command to forcibly stop the process that uses port 20051.
3.Run the following command in the /tmp and /var/run/FusionInsight-DBService directories. Delete all queried files:find . -name "*20051*"
4.Log in to FusionInsight Manager again, click Services, and restart DBService.

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