DBService Startup Failure After Cluster Installation Due to Incorrect HA Parameter


During the DBService or cluster installation, an error occurs prompting that the HA parameter of DBService is incorrect, which results in an installation failure.

Procedure:1.Log in to FusionInsight Manager and choose Services > DBService > Service Configuration. On the displayed page, view the parameters of DBService.
2.Check whether the dbservice.floatip parameter is correctly set. The parameter value of dbservice.floatip is a unique IP address on the network that is not in use.
a.Use PuTTY to log in to a node where DBService is located as user root.
b.Run the ping dbservice.floatip command. If the floating IP address can be pinged, the IP address is in use.
c.Use PuTTY to log in to the node that uses the floating IP address and run the ifconfig dbservice.floatip.interface down command to disable the floating IP address. Then, run the ping command again to check whether the floating IP address still exists.
d.If the IP address can still be pinged, the floating IP address is configured for multiple nodes. In this case, change the IP address of DBService into a unique IP address on FusionInsight Manager.
3.On the Linux OS, run the route command to check whether the parameter value of dbservice.mediator.ip is the same as the gateway address. If they are different, change the parameter value of dbservice.mediator.ip into the gateway address on FusionInsight Manager.
4.Log in to FusionInsight Manager, click Services, and restart DBService on the displayed page.

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