Cluster Installation Failure Because Some NodeAgents Cannot Be Installed


During the cluster installation, an error message is displayed during Setting Up New Nodes with JDK and Node Agent.Procedure:1.Click in the row where the error is reported to check which nodes cannot communicate properly with others.2.Click Finish to return to the Confirm page. Click Back multiple times to return to the Discover Hosts page.
3.Deselect the node where the error is reported.
4.Click Next multiple times to return to the Confirm page, and click Submit to install the cluster.

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The SMC2.0 installation cannot proceed because there is no D drive on the server where the SMC2.0 is to be installed. What can I do?
Countermeasure for a VMware installation failure
To install VMware ESXi 5.1 or earlier on V2 servers, make an installation source. To install versions later than VMware ESXi 5.1, install them directly. For details about how to make an installation source, visit the following link: Link

Method used to install a cluster client
Log in to FusionInsight Manager, click Services, and click Download Client on the menu bar. For details, see section "Installing a Client" in the FusionInsight HD V100R002C80SPC200 Product Documentation.

Reason for an OS installation failure
Server OS installation failures may be caused by the following: 1. The RAID array is not set as the boot option. 2. The size of the partition for OS installation exceeds 2 TB. 3. The ServiceCD is not used for installation. 4. The installation file is damaged.

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