Failed to Install FusionInsight Manager Because SSH Remote Login Is Interrupted


When logging in to the server using SSH to install FusionInsight Manager, a user fails to install FusionInsight Manager because SSH remote login is interrupted. An error occurs when FusionInsight Manager installation script is executed again.
Solution:1.After the network recovers, log in as user root to the server that runs FusionInsight Manager using PuTTY. Run the following commands to access the installation directory (for example, /opt/huawei/Bigdata) to check whether the script has been generated:cd ${BIGDATA_HOME}/om-server/om/sbin
2.Check whether the script has been generated:If yes, run the ./ command to uninstall FusionInsight Manager. Then reinstall it.If no, run the rm -rf ${BIGDATA_HOME} command to delete the installation directory. Then reinstall FusionInsight Manager.

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What is the port for logging in to the SC command line?
The port for logging in to the command line or SSH of the built-in SC and non-Huawei standard hardware SC is 122. The port for logging in to the command line or SSH of Huawei standard hardware SC is 22.

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