Difference between reinstalling a host and restoring a cluster


If some nodes (non-management nodes) in a cluster are faulty, you can reinstall the hosts, and restore the cluster after the new nodes are installed. If the installation directory of a cluster node (non-management node) is deleted by mistake, you can use the cluster restoration function to restore it. Reinstallation and restoration of non-management nodes are supported.

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Difference between the V3 storage host and mapping
A host is the virtual host created on the ISM interface and can be regarded as a logical application server. By configuring an initiator, you can establish connections between the virtual host and physical application server. Mapping is the relationship established between a host and a created LUN for an application server to use the storage space provided by a storage device.

Host naming rule in a FusionInsight cluster
A host name can contain digits 0-9, letters a-z (lowercase and uppercase), and hyphens (-), but cannot contain only digits. The host name must be unique.

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