In FusionInsight,What is the Default user password policies


?The password must contain 8~32 characters.
?The password must contain four types of characters, including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, digits, and special characters which can only be ~`!?,.:;-_'"(){}[]/<>@#$%^&*+|\=
?The password cannot be the same as the previous password.
?The password cannot contain the username.

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In FusionInsight,What is the default user and password for logging in to FusionInsight Manager
Default username is admin and the default password is Admin@123

BMC password complexity
Complexity check is enabled by default for iBMC password and SNMP community names. The password and SNMP community names must meet the following requirements: ? Contain 8 to 20 characters. ? Contain at least a space or one of the following special characters: `~!@#$%^&*()-_=+\|[{}];:'",<.>/? ? Contain at least two types of the following characters: ? Uppercase letters A to Z ? Lowercase letters a to z ? Digits 0 to 9 ? Cannot be the same as the user name or the user name in reverse order. Only the system administrator can enable or disable the password complexity check.

What is the default password of the root user of NVR6128?
The default password of the root user is huawei or Change_Me.

Default IP address, user name, and password of the X8000 BMC
The X8000 server nodes do not have a default iMana (BMC) IP address. Therefore, it is recommended that the RMC be used to implement centralized management. When using an X8000 server node for the first time, query the iMana management port IP address of the node on the RMC. You can log in to the RMC command line interface using Telnet or SSH, and run the following command to query the iMana management network port IP address, DHCP/static mode, and gateway IP address: rmcget -l blade_id -t eth0 -d info In this command: id indicates the serial number of the server node. The value range is 01a to 40a and 01b to 40b. eth0 indicates the iMana management network port. The default iMana user name and password are as follows: Default user name: root Default password: Huawei12#$

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