Definition of a machine-machine user


The password of a machine-machine user is generated randomly by the system and this kind of users is used for FusionInsight HD application development.

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Definition of a human-machine user
Human-machine users can customize user passwords based on password policies. This kind of users is used to manage and maintain FusionInsight Manager operations and perform operations on component clients.

Can I directly connect the U1981 to a fax machine? How do I configure the connection?
The U1900 series voice gateway can connect to a fax machine using a directly connected POTS user (The U1980 does not support direct connection for a POTS user), or connect to a fax machine through the IAD. The method is as follows: 1. Add a POTS user on the U1900. For details, see the eSpace U1900 Series Unified Gateway Product Documentation. 2. To connect a fax machine to the U1900 through an IAD, configure the IAD. For details, see section "Configuring the Fax Function" in the IAD product documentation.

Can the IP fax machine connect to the U1900?
Currently, fax machines connected to the U1900 series voice gateway are all traditional fax machines connected by analog lines. Tests have not been performed on IP fax machines.

Whether the UC2.3 could be installed in virtual machine
Cannot Support Virtual machine

What is the function of the machine check architecture (MCA) in the RH1288 V3
This feature provides software recovery for uncorrectable errors, which improves system availability.

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