What is the concept of FusionInsight Archer?


Huawei FusionInsight Archer is an enterprise-class, personalized information recommendation solution that allows enterprises to construct standard personalized recommendation systems. With this solution, enterprises' products, offerings, and marketing campaigns can be recommended on the customer contact channels in a cross-platform, real-time, and personalized manner.

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Definition of FusionInsight
Huawei FusionInsight is an enterprise-class platform that integrates data storage, queries, and analysis. It allows enterprises to quickly construct a system for massive data processing. Based on the real-time and non-real-time analysis and mining of massive volumes of data, FusionInsight helps enterprises obtain values from this data, identify vulnerabilities, and make decisions upon opportunities in a timely manner.

What is the concept of Tomcat?
Tomcat is a free-of-charge, lightweight, open source web application server developed by Apache Software Foundation, Sun and other companies, and individuals. Gaining support from Sun, Tomcat complies with the latest Servlet and JavaServer Page (JSP) specifications. It features advanced technology, stable performance, and good scalability, and occupies a small number of system resources during running. As a result, Tomcat applies to small- and medium-sized systems and scenarios with a few concurrent users. An HTTP server embedded in Tomcat enables Tomcat to work as a web server. It provides a configuration management tool and supports XML configuration files. Tomcat is different from the Apache web server, which is an HTTP server using C language.

What is the concept of Flume?
Flume is a distributed, highly reliable, and HA massive log aggregation system. It supports custom data transmitters for data collection. Flume also processes data roughly and writes data to customizable receivers.

What is the concept of Hue?
Hue provides the GUI for FusionInsight HD applications. Currently, Hue supports the display of the HDFS, MapReduce, and Hive components. You can perform the following operations on the components on the Hue interface: 1. HDFS: Create files or directories, modify file or directory permissions; upload, download, view, and modify files. 2. MapReduce: Check status, start and end time, and run logs for ongoing and completed MapReduce tasks in a Hadoop cluster. 3. Hive: Edit and execute HQL statements; use MetaStore to add, delete, modify, and query databases, tables, and views.

What is the concept of Yarn?
Yarn is the resource management system of Hadoop 2.0. It is a general resource module that manages and schedules resources for applications. Yarn can be used in the MapReduce framework as well as other frameworks such as Tez, Spark, and Storm.

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