What is the LLD tool used for?


During software installation, the collected cluster parameters (IP address of each node and account and password information) are entered in the configuration planning tool to generate configuration files. The generated configuration files are used when you configure the node OS, check the node environment, install Manager, and install a cluster.

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Method used to obtain LLDs of OceanStor V3 products
To obtain the LLD template of OceanStor V3 storage systems, you can visit Click to Obtain .

How to use the TFTP and FTPS tools?
?Method for using the TFTP tool 1. Run the 3CDaemon software. 2. Spread the TFTP Server pane on the left of the main interface, and click Configure TFTP Server to enter the configuration interface. 3. Set Upload/Download (path for storing files) to C:\. ?Method for using the FTPS tool The FileZilla Server software is used as an example. 1. Double-click the icon of the FileZilla Server. The Connect to Server dialog box is displayed. 2. Set the IP address of the server, set the default port number to 14147, and set Administration password to the management server password. Then click OK. 3. Choose Edit > Settings > SSL/TLS settings and click OK. 4. Choose Edit > Users. On the displayed page, configure users. Click Add to add a user and set the user name to admin. Select Password and set the value, for example, to Change_Me. 5. In the Page area, select Shared folders to set the shared folder.

Method used to install the inspection tool
For details about how to install the inspection tool, see the OceanStor Toolkit Inspection Tool Operation Guide. To download the guide, log in to the What is the inspection tool of the U1900?
You can obtain the inspection tool from the U1900 software package under the directory 02 Tools\Tools\iCheck. For details about how to inspect the U1900 using this tool, see Operation and Maintenance > Administrator Guide > Routine Maintenance > Checking Equipment Operating Status in the product documentation .

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