What is FusionInsight metadata?


Metadata, also known as media data or relay data, is data that summarizes other data. It is used to define data properties, specify data storage locations and historical data, retrieve resource data, and record information.

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What is FusionInsight Stream?
FusionInsight Stream is an enterprise-class, real-time data processing system. It processes massive, diverse, and complex data sets on a real-time basis to fulfill service requirements, such as real-time decision-making, recommendations, and presentations. It enables enterprises to uncover large hidden values from massive volumes of data, spot risks and opportunities, enhancing decision-making and process optimization.

What is the structure of FusionInsight?
The FusionInsight solution consists of five sub-products, FusionInsight HD, FusionInsight Stream, FusionInsight MPPDB, FusionInsight Miner, and FusionInsight Farmer. It also has one operation management system, namely, FusionInsight Manager.

Definition of FusionInsight
Huawei FusionInsight is an enterprise-class platform that integrates data storage, queries, and analysis. It allows enterprises to quickly construct a system for massive data processing. Based on the real-time and non-real-time analysis and mining of massive volumes of data, FusionInsight helps enterprises obtain values from this data, identify vulnerabilities, and make decisions upon opportunities in a timely manner.

What is FusionInsight Farmer?
FusionInsight Farmer is an enterprise-class big data application container that provides a unified development, running, and management platform for enterprise applications.

What is the FusionInsight cluster?
A cluster is a computer technology that enables multiple servers to work as one server. It is deployed to improve the stability, reliability, and data processing or service capabilities of the system. For example, use of clusters helps prevent single point of failures (SPOFs), supports storage sharing and load sharing, and improves system performance.

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